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3 Sweet Tattoo Stories of Meaningful Tattoos

The STAPAW crew has compiled 3 sweet tattoo stories of local heroes. Enjoy!

Unique Meaningful Tattoos that Wash Off One of the best tattoo stories is from New Zealand. Jason Ward is a tattoo artist at Muscle and Ink Tattoo Studio. For 3 months, every Friday, Suzie Barry has visited Jason to get tattooed. It's a record-breaking tattoo session, and the reason is because each week her tattoos wash off.

Suzie Barry has Down Syndrome, and three months ago she walked in for a tattoo session. She said, "put these on my arm," while holding a handful of temporary tattoos. Jason Ward smiled and treated her like any other client. He cleaned his station, had her sign a waiver, put gloves on and applied the temporary tattoos. Every Friday since then she comes in and he applies whatever temporary tattoos she brings, but he never charges her.

creative tattoos, Jason Ward, Down Syndrome tattoo

Other tattoo customers have even had to wait a few minutes while Jason tattoos Suzie and they chat. She attends a Down Syndrome vocational facility (IDEA) where she shows off possibly the most unique meaningful tattoos in New Zealand.


Erasing Tragic Stories with Tattoo Stories

medical tattoo artist, tattoo artist doctor, sweet tattoos

Basma Hameed is a unique tattoo artist who provides unique meaningful tattoos and an inspiring story. She tattoos victims of abuse, tragic accidents, cancer survivors and veterans and it started by accident. She suffered massive facial burns as a toddler in Iraq in an accident. Doctors performed over 100 procedures to mask her facial third-degree burns, but her face was still disfigured. As a last resort, Basma Hameed decided to tattoo her own face, against her doctors' advice.

Her first uneducated experimental attempt was successful and it gave her the first hope since childhood. Today, after years of paramedical tattooing for scars on her face, her complexion and skin appear reborn. Now she is the leading paramedical tattooing treatment innovator in the world. She creates customized pigments matching patients' skin tones to cover up surgery scars, vitiligo, burns, and birthmarks. News of her tattoo stories and success gave birth to paramedical tattooing treatment centers and training facilities in Asia, North America, and Europe. When she touches the skin of her patient she's doesn't just create art, she creates a new person.

unique meaningful tattoos, paramedical tattooing treatment, Basma Hameed

Tattooing Kids in the Hospital

cute meaningful tattoos, kids with tattoos, airbrush tattooing

Benjamin Lloyd is another creative tattoo artist hero in New Zealand with a twist: he tattoos kids. It started by accident. He posted a status saying if he received 50 likes he'd tattoo kids at the local Starship Hospital. The following morning he had over 400,000 likes. He was shocked but excited. Benjamin Lloyd tattoos using custom non-toxic ink with an airbrush. The hospital welcomed him and he airbrush tattooed sick kids throughout the hospital. Each creative tattoo took approximately nine minutes.

nice tattoo stories, Benjamin Lloyd, creative tattoo artist, tattooed child

Benjamin became an artist as a kid in elementary school. He was teased and bullied about a deformity on his hand, and would draw creative tattoos over his hand and arm. Eventually, he was so talented kids would line up in recess and trade cards or marbles for him to draw creative tattoos on them.

Now he tattoos kids in the hospital to help distract them from their illness and pain. He said nothing is more rewarding than boosting sick kids' confidence. The only drawback is they don't want to shower later.


If these sweet tattoo stories of meaningful tattoos and tattoo artist heroes touched you SEND it to someone , and read more here!

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