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Surprising Victories for Tattoos and Piercings at Work

2014 saw some surprising victories for tattoos and piercings at work and 2015 is off to a great start. In America, in 2014, 28 major companies and hundreds of small businesses publically changed their tattoo and piercing hiring policies and tattoo and piercing dress code policies. Companies like Bank of America, Olive Garden, and Wyndham Resorts just to name a few made some surprising changes at various levels. It was a major victory year for spreading tattoo and piercing acceptance in the workplace. For those who are tattooed and employed or pierced and employed, employment based on work ethic, experience and education instead of looks just took a step forward.

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Here are 2 companies that made the most publicized surprising victories for tattoos and piercings at work in 2014, and a large company leading the charge for 2015.

Cheesecake Factory Tattoo Policy Change

Yesterday, STAPAW received a message that the Cheesecake Factory is going to allow staff to show off visible tattoos with their uniform! The Cheesecake Factory tattoo policy change comes as a shock since this upscale dining chain has been noted and criticized for its strict workplace dress code. Recently, this dining establishment has started to allow piercings at work. Because of consistent internal and external feedback, the Cheesecake Factory has decided to allow visible tattoos from the neck down. The Cheesecake Factory tattoo policy has started generating 1,000’s of positive social media impressions, and the media response is sure to follow. Click here for this month’s current company tattoo petitions.

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PetSmart Tattoo and Piercing Policy

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PetSmart was the animal retailer that started out last year’s trend of improved tattoo and piercing dress code procedures and hiring procedures for large businesses. Attached is a photo of the PetSmart tattoo and piercing policy announcement that greeted excited employees in February 2014. PetSmart felt the change helped employees feel more valued and created company loyalty. What ensued was an incredible media storm that gave PetSmart a record breaking amount of impressions and publicity. Here’s an interesting case study look at what happened from the PetSmart tattoo and piercing policy adjustment and facts for other employers.

Starbucks Tattoo Policy Change

It used to be a beacon of individuality and a model for happy employees. Numerous books and articles were written about Starbucks and their uniform freedom and flexibility and how it affected company morale. However, as Starbucks became more adapted a mechanistic business model and less of an organic model the dress code changed and so did company morale. In 2015, Starbuck tattoo policy change surprised staff. Purportedly over 50% of Starbucks staff has tattoos. Posts on social media following the announcement read, “Great company to work for again.” While Starbucks tattoo policy change didn’t apply to piercings, it was a step in a direction that made great press and boosted company morale. Find out more info on tattoo and piercing discrimination and acceptance in the workplace in America.

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