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Should Colored Hairstyles for School be Allowed


Hair Dress Code Policy


Arguably one of the most controversial school dress code policies is the colored hair dress code policy. There are countless negative influences in today's culture and schools often struggle with finding balance in letting students express themselves and keeping order at school. Here are some facts and thoughts answering, "Should colored hairstyles for school be allowed?"


Kicking Out Students for Hair 
Recently, it concerned us when we heard about a girl kicked out of school for hair colors. Upon further study, over 120 high schools and colleges kicked out students with colored hair and even more placed students in In School Suspension (ISS). Students that did not re-color their hair to school appropriate hair colors would be kicked out and were denied an education. So we wrote the following thoughts because we feel colored hair is not distracting, and improperly places undue attention on appearance over education. In today's culture, colored hair is so common, that even if at one time it was distracting, it is no longer the case.

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School Hair Policy Update 

Some public school districts this semester, not only kicked students out, but actually took away student's school credits. This means senior high school students who have this happen because of their hairstyles for school can't graduate. They can't walk at graduation or get their diploma without retaking classes. This has sometimes affected what colleges will accept them. We met with many straight A students who were unaware of their school hair policies and now face not graduating, or retaking school classes. 

Should Schools Ban Dyed Hair


School hair dress code policy tenants often ban colored hair, unnatural hair, half shaved heads, mohawks and other unique hairstyles for school. So, should schools ban dyed hair?


Is Hair Distracting?

Being distracted while texting and driving causes 23% of all auto collisions, yet being distracted by multi-colored hair while driving causes 0% of all auto collisions. Netflix distracts you, Facebook distracts you, surfing the web distracts you, but you will never hear a story about someone losing a whole afternoon of productivity by seeing colored hair.


Dress Code vs Education
ISS and kicking students out of school should be reserved for punishment. The purpose of school is to grow students intellectually and hopefully help them become positive influencers in their community. Yet, if students with good grades who are involved in extra curricular activities and volunteer work are being placed in ISS punishment and getting kicked out of school, it's missing the point of school altogether. You should be patting yourself on the back for accomplishing your mission and rewarding the students, not punishing them.


Dress Code Policy Problems

Inadvertently we shift the focus from their heart and brain to their outward appearance when we focus on school appropriate hair colors. Bullying, cutting, stress, depression and anorexia are all bi-products of a society that hyper focuses on the outward appearance instead of focusing on the inside of a person's mind and heart.

This is not an argument to give preferential treatment or benefits to certain students. This does not open the flood gates to allow students to have vulgar or obscene clothing or racy attire. It's simply a look at allowing young adults the freedom to have colored hair and unique hairstyles for school.

Merit, character, work ethic, drive, and values should be the focus of the education system, and not appearance. Hairstyles do not affect the personal growth, rate of learning, or grades of students. Thank you for listening.


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"People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7

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