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Facebook Cover Photo Contest


Whether you're semi-skilled a photo editing, a graphic design pro, or just have a cool idea, you should enter this. Our Facebook cover photo contest is fun and easy.



  • Use your own photo or a copy right free photo.

  • You can submit up to 2 Facebook cover photo contest entries.

  • Email it to

  • In January, the winning picture will be the Facebook cover photo for Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work.

tattooed photographer, contests for pierced tattooed people, tattooed teenager

Online Magazine Posts


We are going to give away featured online magazine posts for the Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work online blog.



  • 500-1000 words

  • Include 1 - 5 guest blog post photos we can use

  • Email guest blog post to

  • Include useful web links about your topic.

  • The best online magazine posts of the year will be posted.



  • Pick any guest blog post topic having to do with tattoos or piercings

  • Guest blog post topics can range from "10 Best Businesses for Tattooed Employees" to "15 Unexpected Famous People Who Have Tattoos."

guest blog post, guest blogging, tattoo blogs, contests

Online Tattoo Contest


We have multiple tattoo picture contests for pierced tattooed people on our Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr. The Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work online photo competition has 2 contests this month.


Boss With The Best Tattoos

This online tattoo contest is a great way to highlight your tattooed boss and make their month!



  • Take a clear photo of your boss.

  • Show them at work.

  • Make sure they're showing off their ink.

  • Email tattoo picture contests to

  • Tell us about your boss.

  • The winner is next month's featured boss with the best tattoos.

*Hint: Be Creative!*


Business With The Most Tattooed Employees

Highlight the company you work for! Whether you have 5 or 20 co-workers, round up as many as you can for this photo online tattoo contest.



  • Take a clear photo of you and your tattooed co-workers together.

  • Make sure they're showing off their ink.

  • Email this online tattoo contest to

  • Tell us about you guys.

  • The winner is next month's featured business with the most tattooed employees.

*Hint: Be Creative!*

tattooed boss, online tattoo contest, rockabilly, tattoo shirt, womens tattoo clothing, taylor kowalski

Tattoo Discrimination Petition


Help spread the cause and raise awareness. Our tattoo discrimination petition contests help to show businesses that hiring tattooed and employed staff is a positive thing for growth and public relations. 



  • Download the tattoo discrimination petition PDF on the right.

  • Get as many signatures as possible.

  • Enlist friends and family to help.

  • Mail them into STAPAW and we will deliver them along with the other collected petitions.

  • Whoever gets the most this year will be featured on the STAPAW website and social media and sent $100 in merchandise.

  • Anyone who participates and gets over 100 signatures will be featured on the website.


*Hint: Get tattoo discrimination petition signatures at your school, church, work, club, tattoo shop and from family and friends.*

tattoo discrimination in the workplace, tattoos in the workplace, petition contests


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