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tattoos and piercings in the workplace





The STAPAW highlighted tattoo and piercing friendly business.


This month's featured business is Skechers, the second largest athletic footwear brand in the United States. It follows up our Costco feature. Skechers employs over 9,000 employees nationwide. They've helped the tattooed and employed cause by changing their hiring and dress code policies to allow staff to have visible tattoos as a result of an employee led petition!


As of last month, Skechers is working on updating their employee handbook!

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best businesses for tattoos


The STAPAW featured tattooed and employed friendly boss.


Matthew Roblez is the Senior Engineer at McNeil Engineering in Sandy, Utah. He is our featured boss of the month. McNeil Engineering designs buildings and other structures. Matthew is pictured here with Brew, Becky, and Elizabeth who he hired because they had “great resumes and were the right people for the job.”


Brew emailed us a request to feature her boss. She said, “I come to work every day, do my job, and do it right.” My boss makes it a point to tell other managers that tattoos don’t make a difference. “I am thankful, and I feel blessed. Also, doesn’t hurt that I think we are the best engineering company out there.” 

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best bosses


Be our pierced or tattooed and employed feature. We highlight supporters all over the world the same way we did when we started STAPAW!


Sarah Gray is an amazing tattooed and employed Instagramer we featured at @STAPAW. She hails from Australia studying to be a doctor with a special interest in orthopedic surgery. She's was also a Miss Inked finalist and is a spokesperson for ovarian cancer and mental health issues.


Check her out at and click "Instagram Shoutouts" to find out how to be featured.


Tattoo Artist

Featured tattoo artist of the month. 


This month's featured tattoo artist is Laurent Lajeunesse who runs Salusa Tattoo in Quebec, Canada. He is known all over for his creative take on creating bright new and old school illustrative cartoon and gamer art on his clients. Find out more about his work and Canadian studio here!


Each month we feature a new tattoo artist or shop. Submit yourself or your tattoo artist to be featured. Tattoo artists love tips and really love shoutouts. It's a great way to highlight great work. 

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tattoo artist

Featured Improver

Featured Improver is a category featuring businesses that have recently positively changed their dress code policy. 


The featured improver is Men's Wearhouse! They now allow stores on an individual basis to determine whether or not they allow tattoos and piercings.


While they still have store locations that don't allow tattoos or piercings, the majority of Men's Wearhouse locations allow it. Let them know you appreciate Men's Wearhouse tattoo and piercing policy improvement. Next time you dress to impress, consider getting outfitted by them!

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Featured Discriminator

Featured Discriminator is a category that features a business that has restrictive discriminatory policies towards employees with tattoos and piercings.


The featured discriminator this month is P.F. Chang's. We believe businesses' right to hire and fire should be supported, but we believe consumers have the right to speak out and should speak out. In this case, P.F. Chang's has now stopped allowing staff to have piercings at work.


We don't speak out against P.F. Chang's but rather in support of their tattooed and pierced staff that are treated differently based on their dress code policy. Often businesses don't care whether or not staff have tattoos or piercings, but they're afraid it will negatively affect their business. We encourage you to vote with your dollar and not eat a P.F. Chang's. We personally stopped having company dinners at P.F. Chang's.

Thank Men's Wearhouse HERE.

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