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12 Types of Piercings you can Hide at Work

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As piercings become more mainstream, in some workplaces they have become unwelcome. In America, piercing statistics show 61% of American adults have piercings other than earlobes. Here is a list of 12 types of piercings you can hide at work and where to get piercings.



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SEPTUM PIERCINGS: The septum piercing is a great facial piercing that is becoming wildly popular among all ages and styles. It's one of the most easy piercings to hide because if you wear a horseshoe ring or retainer you can flip it up and it stays put and hidden! "A traditionally placed septum piercing is not in the cartilage but rests in the soft tissue just below the cartilage. A septum retainer is effective for concealment because the U-shaped piece of metal flips up and hides inside the nostrils. For maximum concealment, a charcoal-colored retainer is best because it is darker and less reflective than shiny steel." - Elayne Angel (Piercing Bible)

NOTES: If your nostrils flare higher than your septum, it might show. It may be too painful to flip up the first few days or week. In certain professions, like dentistry, it might still be visible to clients.


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NAVEL PIERCING: Navel piercings are some of the most popular. It's a great way to get a piercing with no question that on a daily work basis it will be covered up simply with a shirt. The recovery time isn't long and cleaning is easy. Navel types of piercings are very easy to hide piercings unless a job requires a bare midriff (and most that do won’t mind these types of piercings). - Crystal Sims (Evolution Body Piercing)

Easy to hide piercings will include anything covered by clothing, however tight clothing can be revealing. HEALING TIME: 7-10 months VISIBILITY: Very Low PAIN LEVEL: 2-5

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DERMALS: With dermal's you can be the judge on where you want the concealed piercing to show. You can have them just about anywhere and have as many as you want. Popular places include hips, collar bones and lower back. It is surprisingly and cleaning is simple. NOTES: Dermals get caught on clothing easily and leave noticeable marks more often than regular types of piercings. HEALING TIME: Varies greatly on location VISIBILITY: Very Low PAIN LEVEL: 5-8

LABRET PIERCING: This can be one of the easily hidden piercings for males. If a guy is allowed to have facial hair he can grow it out and hide a clear retainer in a labret piercing with significant ease. The lower the labret piercing on the lip the easier it is to hide in facial hair. HEALING TIME: 4-8 weeks VISIBILITY: Low PAIN LEVEL: 3-5

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ROOK PIERCING: This is a unique easily hidden piercing if you have longer hair. After healing, resize the jewelry for a snug, comfortable fit. If you use a high-end titanium and gold, even if the jewelry gets noticed, it is seen as something really nice. - Jared Anderson (Evolved Body Art Studio) NOTES: The healing process can take longer than other types of places to get piercings in the ear cartilage. HEALING TIME: 6-8 months VISIBILITY: Low PAIN LEVEL: 5-7

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DAITH PIERCING: "If your hair is chin length or longer, and you wear it down, then a daith is one of the most easy to hide piercings. It is seated deep in the shell of the ear, framing the innermost ridge of cartilage just above the ear canal. Because of their recessed position, they are less subject to trauma than almost any other concealed piercing on the body. The daith won’t get knocked around by phones, helmets, or other things that commonly cause trouble and delay the healing of other cartilage piercings." - Elayne Angel (Piercing Bible) HEALING TIME: 4-6 months VISIBILITY: Semi-Low PAIN LEVEL: 5-7

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TRAGUS PIERCING: The tragus piercing is a cool ear piercing that is not super noticeable, but very trendy. You can use a stud or hoop. The stud would be less noticeable since it will lay flat, but the hoop is another great option if you're wanting different body piercings that stand out. "Be very aware of the this concealed piercing during healing, especially when hiding it. Wearing a hat can tug on it and extend the healing time." - Nikey Needles (So Cal Ink Tattoo Studio) HEALING TIME: 4-6 months VISIBILITY: Semi-Low PAIN LEVEL: 6-8

HELIX PIERCING: This is also sometimes called a cartilage piercing, although technically most of the places to get piercings in your ear are cartilage piercings. It is located in the upper part of the ear and is extremely trendy and most employers are accustomed to seeing it and more accepting of the Helix piercing. Almost any ear piercings covered by hair are easily hidden piercings. - Marc Williams (Piercing Emporium) NOTES: It might be painful a couple nights during sleeping if you tend to roll over in sleep. Tends to have extended heal times. HEALING TIME: 6-8 months VISIBILITY: Low PAIN LEVEL: 4-6

ADDITIONAL PLACES TO GET PIERCINGS IN YOUR EAR: Forward Helix, Snug, Industrial, Conch, Inner Conch Piercing

helix piercing, tragus piercing


TONGUE WEB PIERCING: The tongue web or "Marley" is one that can definitely be concealed. For your tongue web, use mouthwash! Also purchase a new toothbrush. - Nikey Needles (So Cal Ink Tattoo Studio)

The tongue web, also called the tongue frenulum, is the tissue connecting the underside of your tongue to your mouth's floor. Because the webbing is so thin it does not hold many blood vessels, thus it won't bleed as much or be as painful. HEALING TIME: 4-8 weeks VISIBILITY: Very Low PAIN LEVEL: 3-5

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SMILEY PIERCING: The scrumper piercing, or smiley oral frenulum piercing is also simple to conceal. "This concealed piercing does not swell a great deal, but it is important to have some room to move for cleaning. Once healed, the jewellery worn will make the difference between concealed entirely, visible only with a very wide smile, and easily visible with lips parted. Daily saline rinses plus a regular regimen of alcohol-free mouthwash like Biotene is recommended." - Elise (Dom & The Inkslingers Tattoo Studio) HEALING TIME: 4-6 weeks VISIBILITY: Low PAIN LEVEL: 3-5

FROWNEY PIERCING: The frowny piercing is an oral frenulum piercing. It is the opposite of a smiley because it pierces the thin connective tissue under the bottom lip instead of the upper lip. A frowny isn't visible when you smile or frown and almost isn't visible unless your smile is incredibly pronounced or you pull your bottom lip down. It's incredibly easy to hide, but might be too hidden since it is rarely seen even outside of work. HEALING TIME: 4-6 weeks VISIBILITY: Very Low PAIN LEVEL: 3-5

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TONGUE PIERCING: The tongue is a tricky unnoticeable piercing depending on the exact environment you work in. This oral piercing can occasionally cause slurring while talking during the healing process. Since it is in your mouth it is not visible to most people. Once these types of piercings are healed you can trade it the original body jewelry in for a clear retainer which will make them easily hidden piercings. HEALING TIME: 4 Weeks VISIBILITY: Semi-Low PAIN LEVEL: 2-5



Extra tips and details at:

Help change hiring and piercing dresscode policies here.

CLEAR RETAINERS: Easy to hide piercings with clear retainers include places to get piercings like the tongue and nostril, but they must be well healed before the jewelry can be changed back and forth. Clear retainers for lip piercings and eyebrow piercings exist, but aren’t as discreet. - Crystal Sims (Evolution Body Piercing)

HEALING TIMES: Healing times for these 12 types of piercings you can hide at work vary greatly based on the individual's body.

PAIN: The pain of unnoticeable piercings will vary greatly based on the individual. For example, some individuals experience little pain with septum piercings and can move the piercing freely within 3 days, while some say it is the most painful piercing.


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